Healthcare and Nutrition

The ENRICH health component is designed to provide comprehensive primary healthcare services to all the households in the selected unions. Each household is visited at least once a month by a Health Visitor who collects health-related information of all its members. The collected information and data are recorded in the household health-cards. The field work is supervised by the Health Officers, who conduct static clinics in ENRICH unit offices every day to attend to patients, usually advised by health visitors to go there. Patients needing further treatment are advised to visit the satellite clinics held once a week in each Ward. Satellite clinics are conducted by MBBS doctors. There is also a referral arrangement with both public and private hospitals and clinics for patients who need specialized medical services. Costs are substantially subsidized; and for the extremely poor, services are provided free of cost.

A Health Volunteer is checking blood pressure of a woman during Home-Visit

Health camps (ophthalmic, dental, cardiac issues, diabetes, etc.) are also organized under the ENRICH, and when required, with specialist doctors conducting them. In these camps, patients with serious ailments are referred to different public and private hospitals and clinics where their treatment is arranged free of cost or at a nominal cost. ENRICH has also launched a deworming campaign, giving away free medicines to 100% of its registered households, covering all household members above 5 years of age.

An ENRICH Health officer delivering health and nutrition-related messages to rural women at a yard meeting, popularly known as Uthan Boithok in Bangla

Currently, 375 health officers and 2,650 health visitors are providing healthcare services to around 60.30 lakh people of 13.36 lakh households in all 198 ENRICH Unions under the 'Healthcare and Nutrition' component of ENRICH. As of December 2021, around 19.60 crore households have acquired health cards.

A Health officer is busy in providing treatment to a patient at an ENRICH Static Clinic

As of April 2022, a total of 4,78,235 static clinics and 85,727 satellite clinics and 3,953 health camps have been held where as many as 83.72 lakh people have received healthcare services.

Besides, 32,578 members had their eye cataracts removed through surgeries provided for free at 1,184 eye camps held under this component.

Meanwhile, to manage the overwhelming amount of health-related data, PKSF signed an agreement with CMED Health Ltd, a start-up health-tech company, in September 2019. With this agreement, the healthcare component of ENRICH entered into an era of digitization. Under the digital healthcare activities of ENRICH, 93 health officers and 625 health visitors are serving people in 50 ENRICH unions.

Honorable chairman of PKSF declares 100 percent safe sanitation village

An M.B.B.S Doctor examining a patient at an ENRICH Satellite Clinic

Medical examination of a patient by a Specialist Doctor is in progress at an ENRICH Health Camp

Patients are waiting to get treatment at a Special Eye-Camp organized under ENRICH


Health and Nutrition Programme: Various Steps