ENRICH centers generally function as community hubs. PKSF provides the construction cost of the centers built on land donated by local communities. It is managed by an 11-member Ward committee consisting of the local Union Parishad member, senior citizens, local elites, teachers, youths, and representatives of the ENRICH-implementing Partner Organizations (POs). The committee discusses social and development issues and reviews the progress of the ENRICH activities. The centers are also used for holding satellite clinics, local dispute resolution, youth training and social capital formation in terms of mobilization of ideas, shared responsibilities in undertaking community actions for development, and uprooting social evils such as child marriage, teasing of girls, drug addiction, and so on. As of April 2022, there are 1,415 ENRICH centers in 198 Unions across the country. An external evaluation has found the ENRICH center is a unique and effective innovation for the creation of solidarity and cohesiveness among the community members in relation to the socio-economic transformation processes in the area.

An ENRICH Centre constructed in Joypurhat