Youth Development

A youth development component has been specially designed to help the youth acquire skills in accordance with their respective aptitudes and, at the same time, be imbued with human and social values. That is, the purpose is to equip them to find employment on the one hand and help create healthy social environment in their locality by getting rid of such social ills as child marriage, teasing of girls, violence against women, child labor, dowry taking and drug addiction. At the same time, they will also help raise awareness in favor of ethics, minority rights, and fairness. Regarding employment, efforts are made to create both self-employment and wage or salary-based employment opportunities. Those who choose self-employment opportunities are assisted with market information, access to appropriate technologies, and marketing of their products.

Youth are creating bird’s nest hanging clay pot

For salary-based employment, the job linkage initiative within the framework of the ENRICH youth development component maintains liaison with different employers and organizes job fairs by bringing potential employers to interact with unemployed youth. Job fairs assist the young unemployed to find jobs. Through such intermediation, a total of 1,093 young individuals of different ENRICH unions have, as of June 2018, found employment opportunities in G4S, PRAN-RFL, The ACME Laboratories Ltd, etc. The PKSF has developed a training course entitled ‘Right Decision Making Magical Skills’ to help the youth make the best possible and informed decision when looking for jobs.

 Md. Abdul Karim, MD of PKSF, handing over certificate to an ENRICH training participan

Under the ENRICH technical and vocational training policy, various types of skill training is being provided to the youth. Training provided up to June 2018 is as follows. In 39 batches, 602 trainees have received training in 16 trades, which are mobile phone servicing; radio repairing; television & computer servicing; electric house-wiring; fitting and servicing of industrial electric works; servicing of refrigerators & air conditioners; diesel, petrol & generator mechanic; tailoring; plumbing & pipe fittings; computer application; driving; electric fan, motor & transformer rewiring; food & beverage preparation (chef); food and beverage service; apparel merchandising; housekeeping; pattern making, cutting & grading. A token contribution of 10% of the total cost of training is borne by the trainee and 90% by the PKSF through the ENRICH as grant. A few other training courses have already been piloted successfully and included in the skill training portfolio under the ENRICH. Demand for such training courses is increasing, which will continue to be catered to.

  • Sports and Culture:An initiative has been undertaken to promote sports and cultural activities, which are important ingredients of fuller and richer human lives, among children in educational institutions and other appropriate facilities. This activity is implemented in 153 ENRICH unions in this budget year (2017-18). In the next budget year (2018-19) this activity will be done in 200 ENRICH unions. It is very encouraging that children are participating with enthusiasm in this programme and school authorities, teachers, and parents are supporting it.

Students are cheering with their teacher at a cultural programme organized in an ENRICH Education Assistance Centre

A football tournament kicks off under Enrich sports and cultural program.

  • Campaign: Campaigns against social evils such as drug addiction child marriage, child labor, teasing of girls and women, dowry, violence against women, trafficking of women and children etc. are a major thrust area under the ENRICH. The campaigns are conducted using specially prepared posters, booklets, songs, video clips, and group meetings. The ENRICH also promotes women’s rights. For instance, it is consciously and purposefully sought to ensure that women are in control or are major partners in the management of financial and other support provided to them. There is already a marked improvement in this regard in the ENRICH unions.

Youths of an ENRICH ‘Youth in Development’ forum are taking oath against social evils

People of all ages are participating in a social campaign against child marriage under ENRICH social campaign program