Assisting Disadvantaged Freedom Fighters

This activity was initiated about three years ago. First, the genuine freedom fighters living in the ENRICH unions were identified through appropriate verification. They were all recognized for their magnificent contribution to the Liberation of Bangladesh by sending them letters of facilitation and thankfulness. All of them have since brought under ENRICH health programme, providing primary health services and medical advice free of cost. The ENRICH regular medical checkup and referral services are available to them on priority basis.

At a later stage, a process was put in place to identify those freedom fighters who, unfortunately, are in serious socio-economic disadvantage. We already have collected information of 2503 freedom fighters for providing assistance from 90 POs. This identification activity is in progress. In the meantime, steps have been taken to rehabilitate 44 severely disadvantaged freedom fighters by providing BDT 100,000 per person.

A Liberation War Monument constructed under ENRICH in Naogaon to pay homage to our martyred Freedom Fighters

Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, DMD (Admin) of PKSF handing over a grant cheque to a disadvantaged Freedom Fighter in Naogaon

The freedom fighters receive government assistance of BDT 10,000 a month each. But, for many, this is not enough to meet their increasing medical expenses in addition to the cost of living of their families. The PKSF ENRICH is trying to fill up the gap to help the concerned freedom fighters to live with dignity.