ENRICH (Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty) is a flagship program of PKSF. The program was launched in 2010 with an aim to address the multidimensionality of poverty and create an enabling environment for the poor people so that they can live a dignified life and enjoy universal human rights. ENRICH is a holistic development approach that envisions restoring the self-confidence of poor people and bringing out their latent potentials. Having been commended at home and abroad, the program is currently serving around 60.30 lakh people of 13.36 lakh households in 198 unions of 62 districts across the country. PKSF is implementing the program through its 111 Partner Organizations (POs).

Healthcare and Nutrition: A total of 375 ENRICH health officers and 2,650 health visitors are providing healthcare services in 198 ENRICH Unions. Household visits, static clinics, satellite clinic, and health camps are being arranged regularly.

Education: ENRICH education service aims to reduce the dropout rate and improving the quality of students at the primary level by implementing educational assistance activities. Students of Class I & II are tutored in the afternoon education assistance centers. Currently, about 1.60 lakh students are receiving educational assistance at 6,167 centers. The dropout rate at primary schools in the program areas has come down to 0.06%, while the countrywide rate varies between 4% and 5%.

Youth in Development: The ‘Youth in Development’ component of ENRICH provides the youth with skill-based training on different trades and imbues them with humanity and social values. More than 2,50,000 youths are engaged in the component. Youths receive a two-day video training on ‘Self-realization, leadership development and duties of the youth’. A total of 98,942 youths have received the training so far.

Rehabilitation of Beggars: So far, 1,330 beggars have been rehabilitated in the ENRICH Unions. The selected beggars get a grant of BDT 1 lakh each so that they can invest it in income-generating activities.

ENRICH Center and ENRICHed Home:  A total of 13,573 homes have been converted into ENRICHed home so far in the ENRICH Unions.

‘Bandhu Chula’ and Solar Home System:  Bandhu Chula (environment-friendly cooking stoves) and solar home systems have been provided to 50,108 and 75,014 households respectively so far.

Basak Plantation: Basak cultivators are earning handsome revenue by selling the dry leaves of Basak plants to pharmaceutical companies.

Vocational Training for employment: A total of 934 youths have completed training on 18 different trades in 50 batches. So far, 1,280 youths, including the trained ones, have found employment with the help from ENRICH.

Special Savings: So far, about 4,000 members have been enrolled in the special savings scheme. Among them, 3,203 members received about BDT 4.50 crore as grant upon maturity of the schemes. They invest the money to acquire appropriate assets and for income-generating purposes.

Community-based Development: As of April 2022, 81,001 family latrines and 4,954 community-based latrines, 6,135 community-based tube wells, 10 public toilet complexes, and 38 pond sand filters have been installed in different ENRICH areas under this component.

Loan Disbursement: There are three types of loans provided under the ENRICH program. These loans have helped increase investment and generate employment in the rural areas concerned. At the field level, BDT 3,519 crore has so far been disbursed as loans under ENRICH.


N.B.: All the data are updated based on the information received till April 2022.